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Change Management Consultant

Your Industry Change Leader

Specialized Consulting

An enthusiastic, creative and decisive journey to your destination. Ardrossi guides industries and multi-stakeholder projects through complex, contentious or difficult transformations. 

Industry-wide change projects

Specialising in multi-stakeholder change and project management, Ardrossi offers in leadership, advisory and project management services.

Industry organisation, associations & groups, peak industry bodies

Government departments, statutory organisations 

NFP’s, boards, councils and committees 

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Ardrossi is taken from the word Ardrossan which means  'headland of the small promontory', a land form perfect for high-level oversight and guiding travellers safely into shore. 

Ardrossi has specialised in big picture projects with variability, unexpected conditions and the need to be flexible in approach, but tenacious in reaching the destination. 

We view our projects as a journey and see our role as both journey companion, working along side you as a project partner for the duration, while all the time being able to offer that big picture, high vantage point oversight and direction. 


Ardrossi is selective about our clients and the type of work we do. We like a challenge.


We seek projects that fit well with our values.  And we look for project outcomes that we are proud to be associated with, where we can see meaningful and positive change for an industry. 







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