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Industry-wide change projects

Leading multi-stakeholder collaborations, combined with organisational change / internal team coaching gives Ardrossi a powerful suite of skills to bring to your industry wide change to fruition.

We can form bespoke and specialised teams with industry experience relevant to your change project, and work with your internal stakeholders across your organisation to deliver relevant, meaningful and holistic change. 

Industry-wide change project specialities and areas of interest include: 

  • Membership organisations

  • Whole of industry improvement 

  • Agriculture, agribusiness and food supply changes 

  • Technical, legislative, legal or cultural change projects

  • Innovative businesses and establishing new supply chains/business models

  • Sustainable energy and housing initiatives

  • Regional development

  • Government – industry relationship management

  • Working with not-for-profits 

Industry-wide or organisation-specific strategy

From plan-on-a-page to full options papers and feasibility studies, Ardrossi can see the big picture on organisational and industry-wide strategy and deliver guidance that suits your organisation / industry. 

Ardrossi can provide strategy services in the areas of ICT, culture and organisational behaviour, process design, legislative change or governance / compliance issues, however we actively look for multi-stakeholder or industry-wide strategic work that crosses over many of these areas.   Big picture, far horizon thinking is our strength. 


Executive and management advisory services

Fast, confidential and straight to the point. One-off or regular sound-boarding and advisory sessions gives you another set of eyes on the problem.  


Brain-storm a specific problem, ground truth your proposed solution, identify risks, and gain insights from other sectors (NFP, supply chain, industry group), advisory services give you immediate support and insight allowing you to move forward with confidence. 

Delivered as confidential individual sessions or group facilitation / training. 

Industry / organisation / supply chain remodelling

Asking “Why?” and other challenging questions is critical to delivering meaningful and relevant industry change.  

Ardrossi works closely with clients and industry groups to understand why an existing business model or process may not longer be fit for purpose and uses ground-up thinking on new ways to deliver remodelling or foundational change to an organisation, industry or process. 

Some examples of remodelling projects include; 

  • Reviewing and facilitating change in legislation, regulations, levies

  • Novel and creative solutions to information, data fand process problems 

  • Rewriting business rules from the ground-up

  • Paperless office conversations and electronic work queues

  • Collaborative processes between companies that remove administrative duplication

  • Organisational design, including financial and commercial business cases

  • Review and strategies to bring focus, purpose and clarity to an existing organisation in a changing industry

  • Identifying and implementing novel partnerships between organisations.


Stakeholder trust-building & consultation processes

From one-on-one strategic relationship repair work, to whole of supply chain consultation processes, Ardrossi delivers qualitative industry engagement that helps different sectors (supply chain, government, industry bodies, NFP, consumer) understand each other and find middle ground in change projects. 

We act as a liaison and translator between different sectors and excel in this space between disparate stakeholders.   Ardrossi takes a humanist and highly flexible approach to stakeholder consultation and relationship management.  Consultation tangibly informs decision making and is never tokenistic. 

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